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  • We are based out of Orlando, FL
  • We are a process improvement company that has a customized process that is not theory based, but instead it has been put to the test and refined time and time again over since 2001. They are all designed to work in all conditions, on all shifts with all types of staffing.
  • We are a behind the scenes company that prides ourselves on being discrete and not airing the locations dirty laundry.
  • We do not believe in khakis and cubicles. Instead, we believe in working next to you in the field every day. Whether it’s in the heat, the snow, or the rain. No matter the time of day from 1st shift to 3rd shift. No matter the area from the mills to rendering. We work to find you a solution you can actually use and that does not cost you a fortune.
  • We developed this company in 2001 as a direct response to a need in the food industry for process improvement. Our company’s purpose was to take any location whether they were at a 1, 3, or 8, and make them a 3, 5, 10 in the category they were wanting.
  • Our company is designed for those are looking to move forward to the next level and truly be great. Those companies that are really ready to “run”. If a location is just looking to comply and get by – this is not how we work.
  • Member of International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR)



Joe Allen, CHMM
Joe Allen
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Jen Allen
Jen Allen
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Paula Carrera
Merchandise Coordinator & Medical Consultant Paula Carrera
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Brian Bramschreiber
Senior Director Safety Consultant
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Daisy Mae
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