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Wherever your team is on their safety journey, we’re confident we can guide you the rest of the way.

We drive workplace injuries to zero while improving our clients’
employee engagement, facility efficiencies, and profitability.


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In 2001 the food industry found there was an immense need for third-party knowledge about the business. Collectively, the industry determined they would no longer accept generic high priced solutions by consultants servicing all business with expertise in none.  Joe Allen was tasked by a potential client to create a company that could develop cost effective and site specific solutions, that worked on any shift with any level of staffing, in any condition. In 2001, Allen Safety was born.


Whatever category of safety our clients had a need in, our goal was to tangibly improve that opportunity in a results-oriented way before leaving.  Sometimes this meant working 17-20 hours straight during projects and maintenance while only charging for 8 or 12 hour days to help our clients achieve the results our team knew were possible.  This was where our company’s core concept of “never abandoning our clients” was born.



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Allen safety is a small, veteran owned, family run business.  We pride ourselves on keeping ethics, teamwork, consistency, and excellence at the forefront of everything we do to ensure a positive client experience each and every time.  We don’t believe in khakis, conference rooms, and PowerPoints.  Instead, we believe that our clients learn better by “doing.” In rain, snow or shine, night or day, we will be next to you in the field working to train your team finding industry and site-specific solutions that you can actually use, that fit in your budget.

The Allen Safety Difference:

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At Allen Safety, this isn’t a hobby we do to supplement our “real” career.  This is the occupation we have each chosen as our calling.  It is the reason we come in early and stay late with our clients on our own time to improve safety and engineering across the board.  It’s also why we’re the only safety company that provides 12 months of free 24/7 consultation after any class you take on that subject matter, including during emergencies, leaks, and rescues.  In short, as experts we stand behind our product and our clients in their time of need.

Our Scope:

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Currently we provide as-needed consultation for over 500 facilities across the world.  This includes finding solutions for the largest companies in the world as part of our daily work.  Whether your business is in manufacturing, sanitation, medical, new acquisition or legal, we are confident we can provide practical safety solutions and training for you and your team.

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Barely holding back the floodwaters and feeling the pressure? We can fix it.

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Give us your most complex opportunities, and we’ll develop a custom solution to reduce risk and better your business.

At Allen Safety, when our clients need a solution but are out of ideas with nowhere to turn, our job since 2001 has been fix the problem with a solution that works in all weather, on all shifts, for their industry, that doesn’t cost a fortune, period.

Did You Know?

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