Consultation after Emergencies

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We’re ready to be your port in the storm.

  • Chemical spills.
  • Caught in/amputation.
  • Workplace fatality.
  • Confined space rescues.
  • Weather: hurricane, tornado, power outage, etc.
  • Explosion/fire.
  • Workplace violence.
  • Medical emergency: stroke, heart attack, etc.

At Allen Safety, we’ve been actively training for preventing, riding out, and returning to normal after emergencies and catastrophes of all types, with our clients since 2001.  Let us, as the experts in managing emergencies and catastrophes before, during, and after, be there to help guide you through.


All pricing is customized based on the emergency, and what solutions may be required to return your facility to normal, citation mitigation needs, or requirements to help you meet any government agreements. Please contact us for a proposal.



All pricing is customized based on the number of days/hours your facility will need.  Please contact us for a proposal.